Thursday, December 01, 2005


Happy thanksgiving …it was!

Now, the best thanksgiving would be one celebrating with everyone I love, but under the circumstances, I still had a fabulous Day/weekend. Missing Heath and family, I still was with people that I love and had a great time.

In honor of Heath I took the surfboard out and met the Fullers at the most amazing beach I have been to yet. Santa Onefree (?), just north of us. It was amazing company, amazing waves and amazing to watch the sunset on a surfboard. I felt like a true surfer. I caught a lot of waves and rode quite few a longer than I ever have, in fact longer than I could ever imagine. I now know why Heath loves it so much! The waves were setting up beautifully and one after another. I even rode one next to someone and steered away without falling off and kept going. That was…awesome! It was also a much more laid back, non-competitive beach. Made for a great confidence booster.

It was fun to all be out in the water together. Rachel was also tearing it up, I am so glad she tried again with easier waves. We are hoping to go more the next couple weeks before we head home for the holidays.

We then went out to Corona to have dinner with the Fullers. We ended up staying the night and spending Friday with them, their house-mates, and their family. Rachel and I got up Friday am, took a trip to Target for the essentials; toothbrush, underwear, and a new outfit for only $16. We had so much fun…

Do you know people that when you are around them you feel good? You feel…really special, cared about, interesting…even funny. That is how we felt around the Fullers they just exude love and compassion, it is always nice to be in their presence. And always sad to say goodbye to.

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