Sunday, January 01, 2006

Miller Family Vacation

We had a great time creating memories.

Our family went to Double JJ Ranch in Muskegon.

The log cabin we stayed in was amazing! It was huge and everything was like new.

The weather was a gray and rainy but we were still able to take advantage of some of the outdoor activities like tubing and horseback riding.

Most of the time we played games and ate delicious food.

Our favorite game was extreme spoons. If you know how to play the card game spoons, the “extreme” part comes in when mom or dad hide the spoons upstairs. So you can imagine 5 of us running up to the loft (pulling each other back down the stairs) and then tearing up the beds and luggage looking for the spoons and wrestling once we hear them jingle in order make it back downstairs with a spoon. So much fun!

Pics on the way...

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