Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Two More Boys Today

More good news...

Baby friend # 2 today, was born this evening. Friends from back home, Sean and Kelli just had their first little boy, Jonah. He was not early and from what I have heard so far is very healthy.

This morning Alison called me to say that she had just delivered her and Shawn's little boy and that he was healthy but to pray that he will stay strong, breath and eat well; he is 6 weeks early.

So all day I was thinking about him and wondering if Sean and Kelli had had theirs yet, well now I know.

Two more boys have brightened this world today.
Two more boys will be lavished by incredibly loving parents.
Two more boys will be nurtured in amazing homes.
Two more boys have families that will believe in them!

Carlsons and Thackers/(Klines);
You have been two families that have challenged and encouraged me.
Two families that over the years, I have admired and been inspired by.
Two families I feel like I could call my own. (In fact, I do)
Two families that truly are a picture of God's love.

I am so excited for you all, but more excited for the two little boys who get to grow up surrounded by so much love and some of the most amazing people I have ever met.
I love you all!

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