Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Many of you know I teach.
Currently I teach middle school art.
I am part time so am trying to piece it together.
I work for Kids College
(an after school program at local middle and elementary schools)

Monday I showed up for my first class at a new (to Kids College and me) school. There were 15 students on my roster. For after school art that is a lot! On my way to the school the director calls me to inform me I have about 22 students. “Oh no”, I only brought 20 pieces of paper.

So upon arrival, I check in at the office, and find a line of people signing up for my class. In total I ended up with 32, First through Fifth graders ready and eager to do art. Yikes, I thought 15 a lot. I survived, I don’t know how, but I did. We ended up moving to a larger classroom and I found a paper cutter to cut the project size in half. I also had the PTA president and the site principal observing me juggle 32 little ones.

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