Sunday, February 04, 2007

Wrapping things up

We have had a week full of car crap, appointments, last minute errands, goodbye dinners and a big party last night. Once I figure out how to post pictures from my new camera I will.

Heath and Ben tore a hole in their wall on friday and finished it on saturday before the party. It totally made the party fabulous. We had a couple tables of poker and blackjack going on, a dance party, tons of great food and a killer bar. I made 2 huge batches of Mojitos... my new favorite.


Our move date has changed to wednesday... and ...

I just found a post from novemeber 17th that I forget to post... check it out.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys Loved what you wrote about Grandma. Such a tribute! Have a safe trip. we'll wait to hear from you. Love Gord & Sue

Anonymous said...

Hi again,
Hope you can call home before you leave.Love Aunt Sue

Melanie J. R. said...

God bless your journey and the time it takes to settle in to a new place. not sure if you get my emails, sent one awhile back. best wishes to you. blessings!