Sunday, February 11, 2007

GUAM: Our New Home!

We made it… thankfully an uneventful trip! At 1:30 am we were greeted with Hawaiian Leis from our sponsor Jim. He took us to our Japanese tourist hotel and we crashed. We woke up the next morning on a beautiful island.

The view from our hotel elevator, we ended up with a view of the island so we love taking the elevator, one day I rode it up and then down and up and then down.

That is the beach in the top of the picture and then the ocean is just beyond that... Tumon Bay. The pools and hot tub are below and the water park is just to the right of the hotel building. We get to stay here for up to 30 days but we will soon be house hunting... this limbo business could get old very fast.

…Where America's Day Begins...

My Michigander folk… this is the easy way to figure out the time difference...
When I lived in California you subtracted 3 hours.
Now that I live in Guam, add 3 hours, flip the am/pm, and add a day.
Or you can just add 15 hours.

My California dreamers... add 6 hours, flip the am/pm, and add a day.
Or you can just add 18 hours.

(yes, I live in your tomorrow…being in the future, however, all I can really tell you is that the sun did rise and set as scheduled… sorry my gamblers)

My friends around the world… I can’t do the math right now… just this little bit has made my brain smoke as it is. Loves to you all in Africa, Thailand, Tibet, Bangladesh, Korea, Japan and where ever else you are… p.s. Can we come visit?


Heath’s sponsor, Jim, (who also replaced him in Kuwait) took us on a 7-hour tour of the island. You would think an island that is only 50 some miles around would not take that long and if it did we will probably be bored the next 3 years because we just saw everything. That is not the case, it wet our appetite to explore and see all that there is to see and do… which there is a lot… and if we do get a little restless, then hopefully we will have saved up enough to travel Southeast Asia. Here are a few pics of our tour… enjoy.

Rocky but Beautiful Beach Line

Path to a Private Beach on the Air Force Base

Mountain View at Southern End of the Island



Wilhoit's in Seattle said...

Gosh, you guys are in a beautiful place! Thanks for the time conversion. I look forward to keeping in touch with ya'll.
Love from your bro on the Wilhoit side.

chara said...

wow... i miss you, love you, and hate you all at the same time...

Anonymous said...

Hi from snowy Michigan, Looks beautiful. Glad it was a good trip. I'll get gram O'B over to see pic's. Love to you. Aunt Sue

Rachel said...

How Amazingly Beautiful!!! YOu guys look so warm and smiley!!

Kris and Leanne said...

Hey! Your pictures of Guam are INCREDIBLE! I can almost smell the salty air just by looking at them. :o)
- Lea

Melanie J. R. said...

oh how nice, an update with gorgeous pics! Again, blessings on settling in and thanks for stopping by our webpage. we'll be in touch.

chara said...

blog already.. i wanna see the new place..

Dan, Tracy & Gracie said...

Fantastic! We are just thrilled for you guys. It is gorgeous and I am truly looking forward to picture updates often. We can then dream we are in paradise with you. Loves and Hugs

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from Grandma & the rest of us. As soon as you get an adress Grams will send phone card. Have a good day. Love Aunt Sue & Gord

Tam said...

Guam looks great and fun. hopw all is well and that Guam is treating you guys nicely. cant wait till the end of the year when we're all in the same hemisphere. take care and see you soon.