Monday, March 05, 2007

Good-bye, Mrs. Wilhoit

Round Table Times: San Marcos Middle School
Good-bye, Mrs. Wilhoit
By: Shaley Sirisack
(One of the students just emailed me the letter she wrote for the school newspaper. I thought it was cute and somewhat informative for those of you wanting to learn a little about Guam, or me.)

On January 19, 7th grade Art and 7th/8th grade Science teacher Mrs. Rhianon Wilhoit left San Marcos Middle School. Mrs. Wilhoit's husband is in the Navy and they are being transferred to Guam. Guam is a small tropical island in the South Pacific. It is north of Australia and Papua New Guinea, South of Japan, East of the Philippines and West of Hawaii. Mrs. Wilhoit considers the geology around Guam fascinating; they will be 200 miles west of the deepest part of the world, the Mariana Trench. Guam was formed by volcanic activity. It is surrounded by coral reefs great for snorkeling and scuba diving.

She and her husband are very excited about being able to travel the world. She was in her 3rd year of teaching. She is very sad to leave SMMS and the students that she has enjoyed. She is looking forward to her new life and the adventures that await her in Guam. Mrs. Wilhoit is glad she had the opportunity to know several of the students here and to teach them. The new Art teacher is Mrs. York, and she is sure to be just as great as Mrs. Wilhoit. Mrs. Wilhoit hopes to get a teaching job in Guam. She says she'll miss the staff, students, and the weather here. She wants the students she has taught to believe in themselves and they'll find success. She hopes for the best for her students and their families. If anyone would like to contact Mrs. Wilhoit, her e-mail address is Mrs. Wilhoit would be glad to keep in touch with students and staff. We all hope for the best for her.


chara said...

too cute..

Michael said...

I know that you well deserved the recognition that you received from your former student! May the words be a blessing and encouragement to you. I miss ya'll.

mary obrien said...

hi grandma has been at us to email you,we miss you and hope for the best.mark-mary-chris.

Shaley said...

Hi,how are you? It's me, Shaley. I hope you're well.