Friday, March 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Heath!

Today marks our third week here on Guam as well as Heath’s birthday. Happy Birthday my love! We have had a great day, with great food, great company and a lot to be thankful for!

Things have been slowly falling into place since we arrived with only a few minor glitches. Heath checked in on base during our first week and the past two we have had so much to do to get set up and begin to settle in here. Thankfully, Heath has been on “house hunting leave” from work, so the past 12 days we have been able to get most things done. He just went back yesterday.

So far, we have found an amazing house to rent… we will post pictures once we move in…hopefully this week! You will not believe it! I dream about it all the time, I just can’t wait to get all of our housing items dropped off so we can begin to make it home. I am so anxious to not be living out of suitcases; 3 months has been a long time!

We have bought a little “boonie” truck, perfect for exploring this little island… there are a lot of off road beaches and hiking trails to waterfalls. It will also be great for throwing our scuba or snorkeling gear, surfboards or bikes in the back. My car should be here this weekend. I got my Guam drivers license without having to take any tests, in fact unlike the California DMV or the Michigan Secretary of State, I was in and out of there with my Guam drivers license in hand within 30 minutes (quite amazing, especially for laid-back island life.)

So above I mentioned scuba diving, we are getting certified to dive at the end of this month, part of heath’s birthday present. I have been so nervous… but we did a discovery dive to see if my ears could handle it and if I felt Closter phobic, and I was fine… so I am so stoked! Plus, it is one more thing I can do with Heath… who knows, I may learn to golf out here too, we will see.

Once we settle into our house I will put in my application to substitute at the Naval Middle School and High School. My application is in for a teaching job for the fall. Subbing will be nice and flexible, that way, if I wake up hypnotized by the ocean waves out my bedroom window, I can easily turn down sub jobs depending on the day. :)

More to come on our house soon…you all will be so jealous!


Dan, Tracy & Gracie said...

You are totally right, we will be jealous for sure. I am so glad life is grand for you two. We miss you and hope that we can come visit someday. Can't wait for pics of the new "home". Loves and kisses from Gracie Rae.

Russ and Amy said...

Happy Birthday!!!! when're ya gettin your skype up and running again? ring us up! :)

Love ya,
Russ & Amy

chara said...

happy birthday heath...
we would go to sushi to celebrate for you.. but.. i'm still a little full from the last time..

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Heath!!!
From Carol jo Rotrock
Take care you two!!!

Jayna Rosentreter said...

I have been wondering how you have been??????????? I am living in Colorado teaching art. I will have a website for my artwork soon.

Jayna Lin Berry (Rosentreter)