Saturday, May 12, 2007


I have been thinking a lot about roommates lately… I have had about 40 to 50 roommates in the past 10 years of my life. Some good, some not-so-good, all loved. Here is a story and a few of my thoughts about the topic…

Good roommates…

Don’t leave their crap all over.
Don’t act like they own your things.
Don’t yell at you to leave the room.
Don’t scare you when you are sleeping.
Don’t make noise at all hours of the night.
Don’t leave their leftovers out.
Don’t jump out of things to scare you.

One of the first nights in our new house, I heard a noise unlike normal new house noises; in fact, it made me sit straight up in bed. It was a slight squeal, kind of like someone bumping into furniture, sliding it on the marble tile, at least that is what I imagined. Heath got up and checked the house and found no such intruders and all furniture as we had left it. (He is such a good room/life-mate)

However…I think we have quite a few not-so-good roommates…

Good or bad, they are loved. They are so cute and so fun to watch and they eat the bugs (except for all the teeny-tiny ants.) And when I find bug carcasses and tiny wings on the furniture or stove, I am thankful that the geckos have taken care of them before I notice them invading my house. Also, I am learning that they do take their dumps in fairly regular locations, I appreciate routines rather than their little surprises.

Heath also likes to catch them and let them ride around on his shoulders. We were trying to scare them away, especially after one jumped out of a cereal bowl at heath, but we have grown to enjoy their presence. We have learned to coexist; now all of our dishes sit upside-down in our cupboards… thanks mom for that tip!

We also appreciate their humor. They all have different voices, which when I am not trying to sleep can be cute as well… The one that lives in the kitchen has a loud clicking squawk, especially after dinner; in fact this is the 3rd time it has spoken since I have started this post. The ones that live in our room are the squealers, like rusty furniture wheels. The ones in our living room and the bathrooms have babies that think they can fly and jump off the light ledges to severe injury and sometimes their death. Today, there was a baby in the corner of our bathtub that could not climb up the dried soap scum slope (gross I know). He was so cute to watch running his little heart out and going nowhere… sometimes I feel like that. Heath rescued him… he does that for me too… what a good roommate!

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FaithChristine said...

You, Rhianon, are a good roommate. I still think of many fond memories from living in the Rockford house with you. You taught me many things through your life and your love, and I'm grateful to have been one of your many roommates. (hope I was more good than bad! :-)) I love you! and I love reading about your adventures.