Saturday, May 12, 2007

Our Bebes

Heath has 12 hour hospital duty tonight... can you tell I am bored? I can't catch up on Grey's Anatomy without Heath (although he told me I could) we are all caught up on Lost and I just can't seem to get off the computer. So here I sit and blog. I know I am a big fat nerd (just check the 3 latest posts) but I like it. And it is the small things that paint the picture of life for me.

I also don't have kids to post pictures of, like many of my fellow bloggers and I have been waiting to get on the substitute teacher list, so I have had a lot of time on my hands to take pictures of the little things of Guam.

It is the first time since high school that I have had almost 4 months off... wait then that would have been before kindergarten... no wonder I was beginning to get antsy. I have been able to keep full time busy somehow, but I have also been breathing and have had time to notice it... ahh... nice!

Anyway, one more silly set of pics... like I said earlier we do not have little ones. So, a few weeks ago Heath and I made a trip to the nursery and picked out a few little ones we could call our own. We have been giving them the nurturing and tlc that they so desperately need... and low and behold they are growing like weeds.

We loved them so much we have adopted a few more that are not pictured, however this does not mean that we love them any less. In fact Ginger and Stinky Clove are our own and are just starting to sprout. Sweet B and Thai B have multiplied their size by at lest 5. The Chives family have had to grow up 3 times. Our little Hotties continue to amaze us! The little Toms are sick... we are looking into how to help them, they have produced 4 beautiful little ones though.

And man they all love to salsa!... seriously... it is the best salsa I have ever experienced!

See I am a nerd... that is what you get at 1am... some say anytime of day really.
Alright... goodnight all. Loves :)


Russ and Amy said...

Considering that I have read each and every one of your posts, minutes after they have been posted- that makes us both blogger "nerds". I don't care though- I love reading all that you write! It's very entertaining! Advice: Have some REAL kiddies of your own so you can post those pics (and get your parents off our case!) ;)

love you and miss you!

chara said...

and some more advice - never surrender - never have kids.. plants are much easier.. and less gross - babies are gross..

Dan, Tracy & Gracie said...

Rhi, I am so glad that you haev had time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life so much lately. Too much of your life has been lived at mad pace and now you get time to enjoy!! I love how God blesses us each in our His own way. Miss you and wish I could visit soon but who knows?Loves and hugs.

Maol-Eown Kamea said...

I just wanted to tell you that you are both more beautiful today than when I met you years ago! Have fun in Guam, I sure did! Don't forget to travel the Island of Chuuk before you leave! Amiia and family

chara said...

blog again already.. i need my h&r fix...