Friday, May 18, 2007

Workin and a Hopin

I am subbing! Finally!

I filled out all 49 pages of all the information you could imagine about my life the past 10 years. So, if you get a phone call, I may have squeezed your info in as a reference. I ended up having to put down 33 references, 12 places I have lived, 11 jobs I have had and 6 colleges I have attended. Yikes, I was all over the place. So, just last week I got called to come in and so far I have only had one day off. This is good! But will only last for a month.

I am working for DODEA (Department of Defense) Schools, one is a middle/elementary school and the other a high school. So far I have had a 3rd grade class, Jr high Math, Language Arts, Drama and Spanish, HS music, and I have hopped around in 1st grade, kindergarten and the front office. It is great to be back in the classroom. There are things I really enjoy about subbing and things I am looking forward to once I have my own classroom again. (God willing)

Right now there is nothing posted I am qualified for, but I am hoping something will come up. My application is in and waiting for a position to pop up. This is the hard part... the unknown, just waiting, and wondering. I keep wondering if there is something else I can be doing, or something else i should be working on to be better qualified. I am thankful to be subbing, and I am hopefully making connections so I am not just another number.

I know I should probably be looking for other possibilities.... I just want dodea so bad! Art positions are very hard to come by, so I don't really have a an ounce of hope for that, but science, I am just hoping something will come up and am actually really excited about the possibility. My dream would be... if a position opened up at the high school! They are building a brand new one right next to the Naval hospital... Heath and I could car pool, maybe even have lunch once in a while, possibly work out together. Those are just some of the many pluses. Ok, I know I should simmer down on the dreaming... but wouldn't that just be so great?