Thursday, January 26, 2006

2 New Things I Love

2 New things I love:

1. Shopping at local Farmers Markets!
Everything is so fresh.
It helps local farmers.
The produce is not sprayed with junk.
You buy what is in season. (What our bodies need)
It is a lot of fun to go with someone.

Chara and I went one sat and she showed me the ropes. Yesterday Brooke met me at the one in Carlsbad, and I found so many good buys. I even bought these tall crooked willow stalks to decorate with. I should post a picture once I arrange them; they are so cool.

2. Eating beets!
I have always disliked beets. But all I had ever tried was canned beets…yuck!

I tasted fresh beets last fall when Ryan and Holly shared the beets they received in their CSA (community supported agriculture) at one of our cookouts. I thought they were surprisingly delicious.

Well, I bought some with Chara, to see if I really did like them or if it was a one-time thing. I cooked them right up, ate the whole bunch and wanted more. I have been craving them since. So yesterday I bought two bunches, only $1 for 4 large beets. I can’t wait to cook them up! You all really should try them! I guess they are good for your kidneys…who knew?

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Rachel said...

Hey sister! Miss you, want to call you but only think of it when you are at school. Love you tons! Sounds like you are doing well.